Katy Perry Part of Me is Amazing, Entertaining and Revealing

by Terry on July 2, 2012

Katy Perry Part of Me is all parts Amazing, Entertaining and Revealing. We just got back from the July 2 premiere of Katy Perry Part of Me and the movie is equal parts entertaining and revealing. True fans of Katy Perry will appreciate the bluntness and revealing parts of the movie. Spoiler parts of the movie are below — you’ve been warned!

Katy Perry’s team did a great job incorporating 3D effects into the movie — which were all tastefully done. The movie does a great job documenting her struggles from a sheltered upbringing in a Pentecostal Christian family environment and trying to break that mold at the young age of 17. Having lived in a very sheltered life up to that point, it made fans feel as though Katy Perry was destined to succeed regardless of the costs and barriers that were in front of her. She was signed to a couple of record labels including a Christian label and Columbia Records — where she was asked to become someone she wasn’t. Katy ends up with Capitol Records and in the hands of producer Glen Ballard where she really breaks free and is given the creative freedom to fulfill her vision of “being the first Katy Perry”.

You see Katy’s ups and downs from the beginning of her success with “I Kissed A Girl” and “Hot N Cold”. She gives fans complete backstage access to her on tour — from her exercising, to stage prep, to traveling all over the world to make time for Russell Brand and her struggles to make that concert experience unique for all her fans. Katy Perry Part of Me 3D does a great job transitioning between the backstage moments and incorporating the footage from her free concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles last November.

The film really does take fans backstage and you see the good and the not so good moments. Fans are treated to some funny moments with Katy’s grandmother in Las Vegas but also takes fans backstage right before her performance in Brazil — when you knew Katy’s marriage to Russell Brand was nearing it’s end. Katy pulls it together at the very last minute with a crowd of at least 20,000 waiting for her to start performing. You can tell that Katy really struggles with getting it together before going up the small incline to start her performance for the night. During her performance, they have a shot of Katy Perry performing a song and the Brazilian fans, ever so passionate begin chanting repeatedly “Katy eu te amo!” (translated “We love you Katy!”). Katy breaks a little bit under the pressure, kids and says “I wish I knew how to speak Portuguese!”. That’s when you know Katy performs and entertains and pulls out stunning performances for the love of her fans.

We know fans of Katy Perry will watch this movie multiple times and will undoubtedly bring new fans into the Katy Perry phenomenon. Katy writes her own music, is the CEO and Chairwoman of the Katy Perry brand and really performs for her fans. Her fans are some of the most passionate people around and it’s evident throughout the film.

The movie was excellent and being big time Katy Perry fans, we didn’t expect anything less. It truly is a stunning backstage pass to one of the world’s best performers — she takes her fans to Candyfornia, to her backstage private moments and through her struggles to become one of the most recognized faces in entertainment today. All Katy Perry fans should be lining up this weekend to see this movie. The question isn’t “Will you KatyCats see the movie?”, it becomes “How many times will you KatyCats see Katy Perry Part of Me 3D”? We know we’ll be seeing at least 3 more times before next week.

As a side note, we got our sneak peek premiere tickets and were lucky enough to get ourselves some Katy Perry goodies below including a special edition movie poster, a small promotional paper and 3D glasses.

Fans at the sneak peek premiere also got the chance to take a picture in front of a green screen and got their picture super imposed on the Katy Perry Part of Me movie poster (yes, that’s me in my Katy Perry 3D hoodie)

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